All Around Great Website Packaging Program

Our Website Package program contains our main essential elements to get you on your way to sucess. 

The Website Package also includes up to THREE pages for your website before extra fees are added on to the total price.

  • A “Page” is a single screen of information connected to your domain name.
    1. These pages can contain text, pictures, videos, music, graphics, store, shopping chart, and so much more.

This packet also includes marketing aid at a slight extra cost. Our marketing aids sole job is to check for errors in your website design and content, and implament a better stragity and wording prases to better communicate your business to your customers. Our Marketing aid is 100% effective for the betterment of your overall website.

$1,500 – is the  total price for the Advance Website Program. This also includes marketing aid assistance to help sell your busines ideas.

$100 – Monthly retainer fee. Secures any technical issues and post updates with your site.

$230 – Additional charge for pages after three.

Payment Method

Paymemts can be made in two instalments. A downpament of $1,000 is required before the start of the process. The final deposit of $500 is at the middle of the web developments stage.

Monthly retainer fee of $100 is due at the beggining of the fallowing Month.

Payment method electronic stripe: Stripe is the best software platform for running internet business.